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Blackstone Homes

Blackstone Homes

Blackstone Homes Case Study

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The decision to build and design a brand new home is a huge financial investment that can be both stressful and overwhelming for potential homeowners.

Many fear the complexities of the design process and worry their selections won’t result in a home they love and feel proud of. Blackstone Homes, a luxury home builder based in Bryan-College Station, Texas, relieves this stress and confusion by providing customized homes of the highest quality with a simplified, straightforward process from beginning to end.

Built By Love has developed a series of panels for Blackstone Homes to display in the model home of one of their newest communities, Mission Ranch.

Blackstone Homes Case Study

Project: Display Panels Copywriting and Design

The Mission Ranch display panels would first impression homebuyers have before viewing the model home; therefore, the experience and messaging were of utmost importance.

Our aim was to take the potential homebuyer on a trust-building, emotional journey that ends with them imagining themselves and their families in their own, exquisitely crafted Blackstone Home.

Blackstone Homes Case Study

The messaging is experience-oriented and imaginative and firmly positions the viewer as the hero in their story, with Blackstone Homes as the guide who helps them easily attain and live their “happily ever after.”

The panel design utilizes a combination of real photos of happy Blackstone homeowners and exquisitely crafted Blackstone Homes. This is mixed with imagery that evokes feelings of family, joy, tranquility, and pride.

The images are accented with dark red focal points that draw attention to the primary message of each panel, while also providing a sophisticated, powerful touch.

The end products are ones with clean shapes, communicative images, and personal messaging that serves to emotionally connect with the viewer. 

Further, the linear presentation of the process affirms an easy and enjoyable home buying, as well as a home-design experience that is compelling and easy to approach.

Blackstone Homes Case Study

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We are proud to showcase the work we've done for our clients. The common thread between our clients' success and the work we do is a shared vision of market-dominating excellence. 

For patients who have a number of medications or a new prescription, it can be nerve-wracking, stressful, and even dangerous to try to manage it all.

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Organizing an entire travel itinerary for a new location can be a challenge for travelers, especially for those who want an authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience that has a positive impact on the place they visit.

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The Sales Evangelist is Donald Kelly, a world-renowned sales coach and consultant who helps business owners and their teams sell more with one-on-one coaching, team training, and online tutorials and courses to bring effective, time-tested sales strategies directly to those who need them the most.

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