Sustainable Journeys

Sustainable Journeys Case Study

Discover the Philippines

Organizing an entire travel itinerary for a new location can be a challenge for travelers, especially for those who want an authentic experience that has a positive impact on the place they visit.

Sustainable Journeys, a non-profit tour operator, provides customized, all-inclusive eco-tours designed to fit individual styles of travel while also giving back to the local communities of the Philippines. They wanted to set themselves apart from other travel organizations by emphasizing their dedication to providing unique, authentic experiences  

Built By Love developed a new website for Sustainable Journeys that captures its adventurous spirit as well as its mission of conservation, sustainability, and authentic connection. 

Sustainable Journeys Case Study

Project: Custom Website Creation

We worked closely with the founder of Sustainable Journeys to create a website with messaging and design that stayed true to his vision of an eco-tour company that prides itself in its support of environmental conservation and local, Filipino-based organizations.

Sustainable Journeys Case Study
Sustainable Journeys Case Study

The organic shapes used throughout the design parallels the patterns of tropical foliage and provides a sense of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. The color palette draws directly from the native flora and fauna found in the Philippines as well as the ocean that surrounds it.

The clean design paired with bright, compelling imagery creates a feeling of well-rounded service options that will allow travelers to bloom on their own journeys, while the ample use of white space hearkens back to its core mission of environmental care.

 The messaging and design of the website is  genuine, inspirational, exciting, and trustworthy — it clearly communicates to travelers, adventures, and volunteers that Sustainable Journeys is the company that will provide them with the authentic experience they seek. One that fits their specific interests and style of travel while also helping them "do good" in the communities they visit. 

Sustainable Journeys Case Study
Sustainable Journeys Case Study

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